Sbl bpr 00187 error updating business component

Bug CR#10551424 was opened to address this problem and Reproduced problem in standard Siebel 8.0.

In the Type argument field, choose an input argument type then define other argument fields, depending on the type you specify.

And please explain in detail, it's hard for us "experts" to understand what is required when you summarize in just a few words. In fact it is so wrong that I can't even begin to explain why!

sbl bpr 00187 error updating business component-13

These errors occur in the task when the Siebel Operation step with Defer Write=True in the task is reached.

Defer Write =True is not supported when task transaction has been disabled.

That's exactly what I'm looking for..encouraging word!

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But the problem with this solution is if user UNDO the record then your script won’t revert back the changes that it has done.

One more solution can be to check in Set Field Value event if that field is being updated through global flag and then on Write Event of buscomp execute your script only if that flag is set to true.

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Output argument in that (Issue DR , Email Address of Approval) 3) Then one decision step to check Issue DR Flag = "Y" 4) Business Service step : BS Name : Outbound Communications Manager Method Name : Create Request 5) Then I have Update Operation step.

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