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What virtue is more difficult to instill in our teenagers than purity of heart?Many of the ones your teens will spend the day with at school are not only sexually active they are advertising themselves as so.Before the fall I would define this covenant that Adam and Eve had for one another as being the same that caused God to create man in the first place.

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A kiss can be a hello or a goodbye, a symbol of parental love and affection, a gesture that soothes and reassures, or a passionate expression of love and desire.

But why do we kiss and what does it really reveal about our partner and the state of our relationship?

Let me show you what I mean, it all has to do with God's desire for you.

When Adam and Eve were judged, part of their judgment was the fact that they were bound to each other. There was already a Godly joining between Adam and Eve, but the desire to share oneself with one another changed from a CHOICE to a NEED with the separation from God.

It is no wonder we are losing more teenagers to fornication than any other temptation.

I am the mother of a seventeen-year-old son and a sixteen-year-old daughter, and I share your concern yet there is good news.Let me make a statement right off the bat that is important: If you are a Christian you do not have to be married, but you can choose to be.If you are consumed with marriage as a need then you are not living in the grace which Jesus paid a huge price for you to walk in.“She didn’t have great grades, but every single report card said she liked to talk to boys, she had tons of friends.She was just an amazing little girl, she could just light up the room.” “She was great,” added John Rowland, who works as a supervisor for Federal-Mogul in Greenville.She grew up in Greenville and attended Greenville Public Schools.

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