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That excerpt above assumes that people are incapable of sexual self control, so married people avoid singles, and singles become isolated as a result.

ating again after divorce can be scary and intimidating, but it can also be exciting and fun.

Dating is a very different journey the second time around; you’ve got baggage and you’re not traveling alone.

Would he or she be a good role model and influence?

Is he or she a good fit for not just me, but also for my kids?

For example, there’s another divorced woman in the neighborhood (or one of your friends) and she’s already dating successfully while you firmly believe you won’t find love again.

Remind yourself that people recover from divorce and find new love at a different tempos.

Practice holding your head up high and smiling at people as you make eye contact. You can’t literally walk with your head held high, but you can express your confidence in flattering pictures, the About Me section of your profile, and in written correspondence with other Meet Mindful members.

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to other women.

As the American family appears to be imploding with divorce, and as blended families become a major challenge to negotiate and develop by those who remarry, it is wise for us to examine again Paul’s instructions about divorce and remarriage in First Corinthians 7.

When may a person biblically and ethically divorce a spouse and remarry another?

Paul clearly sets forth this underlying assumption and then develops an inspired hermeneutic for dealing with troubled marriages and the questions surrounding divorce for Christians. The basic parameters of life, set forth in the creation in Genesis, chapters 1 and 2, have been damaged by the human fall into sin.

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