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In the final days before Turks vote in a referendum on 16 April on whether or not to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dictatorial powers and effectively end parliamentary government, the mood in Turkey is prone to conspiracy theories and suspicion of foreign plots.

A sign of this is the reception given to a tweet that might have seemed to the sender to be exceptionally benign and non-controversial.

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Wind also won 5.4 million clean energy certificates (CEL) associated with the capacity allocated; again, a fifth of the total allocation.

"It seems clear the solar companies bid rock bottom prices to get a foothold in [Mexico] where they have not been present to date," said Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) secretary general Steve Sawyer.

Federal de Energia (CFE) for power to be delivered from 2018.

The auction organised by Mexico's energy secretariat Sener highlighted renewables' competitiveness.

In this joint NASA (North American National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency mission), SENER provided a deployable cable for one of the satellite’s antennas.

For the ELA 1 launch platform, SENER was responsible for the assembly and integration of the umbilical tower, a metal structure that supports the cables and pipes that supply energy and fuel to the rocket.

Wind's allocation is also well below the 1.7GW of PPAs allocated to solar PV, which bid at even more competitive prices, averaging /MWh and with the lowest at /MWh.

In energy terms, wind's allocation was around 20% of the total 5.4GWh annual allocation.

SENER designed and built this facility for the European Space Research Organisation (the former European Space Agency).

The success of the project is shown by the fact that the tower remains in service today.

The first Ariane rocket was launched from this platform in 1979.

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