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But even with genealogical records there are often omissions and biases in transmission of information.

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It goes back to a very remote period of human civilization.

In fact, some have sought to attach to the widespread use of this sign, a real ethnographic importance. 178-179); finally among the ancient Germans, on a rock-carving in Sweden, on a few Celtic stones in Scotland, and on a Celtic stone discovered in the County of Norfolk, England, and now in the British Museum.

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The sign of the cross, represented in its simplest form by a crossing of two lines at right angles, greatly antedates, in both the East and the West, the introduction of Christianity.

This intersection can often be very inferentially fruitful.

But what about if you had a whole population with rich robust conventional genealogical records?

The swastika is a sacred sign in India, and is very ancient and widespread throughout the East. of Great Britain, VI, 454) believes it more common among the latter than among the former. In the last monument the swastika is imperfect in form, and resembles a Phnician letter.

It has a solemn meaning among both Brahmins and Buddhists, though the elder Burnouf ("Le lotus de la bonne loi, traduit du sanscrit", p. It seems to have represented the apparatus used at one time by the fathers of the human race in kindling fire; and for this reason it was the symbol of living flame, of sacred fire, whose mother is Maia, the personification of productive power (Burnouf, La science des religions). 625), taking the Sanskrit word literally, divided it into the particles seems to have been used in a causative sense (Burnouf, Dictionnaire sanscrit-français, 1866). We shall explain below the value and symbolical meaning of this when found on Christian monuments.

It is also, according to Milani, a symbol of the sun (Bertrand, , p. Others have seen in it the mystic representation of lightning or of the god of the tempest, and even the emblem of the Aryan pantheon and the primitive Aryan civilization. The swastika sign was very widespread throughout the Orient, the seat of the oldest civilizations. But the swastika is not the only sign of this kind known to antiquity. The statutes of Kings Asurnazirpal and Sansirauman, now in the British Museum, have cruciform jewels about the neck (Layard, Monuments of Nineveh, II, pl. Cruciform earrings were found by Father Delattre in Punic tombs at Carthage.

The Buddhist inscriptions carved in certain caves of Western India are usually preceded or closed by this sacred sign (Thomas Edward, "The Indian Swastika", 1880; Philip Greg, "On the Meaning and Origin of the Fylfot and Swastika"). Another symbol which has been connected with the cross is the ansated cross () of the ancient Egyptians, wrongly called the "ansated key of the Nile".

İnsan evriminin fosil listesi, insanın evrimiyle ilgili birçok kayda değer primat fosilleri hakkında genel bir bakış sunmaktadır.

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