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HIV infection in humans is considered pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).[3] Nevertheless, complacency about HIV may play a key role in HIV risk.[4][5] From its discovery in 1981 to 2006, AIDS killed more than 25 million people.[6] HIV infects about 0.6% of the world's population.[6] In 2009, AIDS claimed an estimated 1.8 million lives, down from a global peak of 2.1 million in 2004.[7] Approximately 260,000 children died of AIDS in 2009.[7] A disproportionate number of AIDS deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, retarding economic growth and exacerbating the burden of poverty.[8] An estimated 22.5 million people (68% of the global total) live with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, which is also home to 90% of the world's 16.6 million children orphaned by HIV.[7] Treatment with antiretroviral drugs reduces both the mortality and the morbidity of HIV infection.[9] Although antiretroviral medication is still not universally available, expansion of antiretroviral therapy programs since 2004 has helped to turn the tide of AIDS deaths and new infections in many parts of the world.[7] Intensified awareness and preventive measures, as well as the natural course of the epidemic, have also played a role.

Nevertheless, an estimated 2.6 million people were newly infected in 2009.[7] HIV infects vital cells in the human immune system such as helper T cells (specifically CD4 T cells), macrophages, and dendritic cells.[10] HIV infection leads to low levels of CD4 T cells through three main mechanisms: First, direct viral killing of infected cells; second, increased rates of apoptosis in infected cells; and third, killing of infected CD4 T cells by CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes that recognize infected cells.

however, the pattern of transmission varies among countries.

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Records of the New York Yacht Club designate this to be the 77 foot long ARIEL, launched in 1873 and belonging to Colonel Francis L. Leland was a prominent American economist and for many years, president of the New York County Bank.

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The four major routes of transmission are unsafe sex, contaminated needles, breast milk, and transmission from an infected mother to her baby at birth (perinatal transmission).

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