Free home cam sexy women - Updating alienware 7700 bios

Hi my name is Justin Alicea and I am at my wits end with a laptop problem I have.I just recently recieved an Alienware Area-51 M7700 D900T laptop from a friend of mine who recieved a better computer and didn't feel like dealing with the Alienware's problems.

Hi, I recently got an alienware d900t and it didn't come with any hdd's.

I had some spare hdd's and tried installing windows xp and then tried windows 7 as well but when i get to the part where it asks me to choose a partition and/or to create one it wont let me and says there is no drive.

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Have you tried an external flash drive to boot off of? If all the hardware is maxed out, it's still decent, and better than a lot of laptops out won't compete with the newer Clevo's. Otherwise the Windows installation WILL NOT recognize the hard drives.

I've done this countless times now, and the SATA378 drivers must be installed for the Windows installation to recognize the hard drives.

I repeated this process about 4 times, ensuring that I specified the drivers correctly, it could see the partitions, etc but whenever it rebooted it would fail to find it.

So I went to Google on another machine and found this: I had exactly the same problem.

-Thanks if the controller is enabled in the bios, sounds like someone fried the SB chipset on the board and pawned it off on you as your problem now. If you only have 1 drive in, and it's set in RAID mode, that might cause it not to see the drive, so check the BIOS. The laptop when new is suposed to have 2 hdd's but i tried running two it in as well as trying one hdd. I would go and have it checked out but i dont know which computer stores are trustworthy and honest. When i start it up it shows the alienware bios boot screen or whatever itscalled.

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