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Roblox, which markets itself as a gaming site for kids and teens, invites children into a virtual world to “create adventures, play games, role play and learn with their friends”.

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My kids were completely oblivious as to what the words and stuff meant.” The disturbed father-of-two has deleted the application from his boys’ i Pad and encouraged others to do the same in a Facebook post.“It’s full of f**king paedophiles if you ask me it's completely messed up its turned my guts, anyways it's deleted off their computers forever and I'd highly recommend you check your kids to see if they have it and get rid of it,” he warned.

His post was shared over 800 times, with other parents sharing similar stories.

With or without rules and game play, different worlds are going to atract different visitors, by the nature of the world you can be pretty sure whom you are going to met there.

Source: Supplied A mortified dad has expressed serious concerns over an online game – aimed at children - which allows strangers to contact and communicate with young kids.

If the two like each other, they can give their date a 'kiss' and see if they return the affection.

With that virtual 'kiss' the players can then message each other, view their online profile, and continue their video chat in the app.

Image below shows a chat inside Bovara backyard, it is been early in the morning at local time so Signora Laura din't finish her dressing, but never mind, she is always ready to help and explain everything you may want to know, even if she is all naked.

In its essence 3D chat world is a social place, a place to hang out, just for fun, to explore or to learn something but it has another feature even if it is not included into design, the scene and various characters, all what is required for a Role Play Game.

One mum got rid of the app after a similar situation: "I have had this experience too, my seven-year-old stepson had this game and he had people asking him things.

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