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Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite singer who was so famous and then just disappeared? And what would happen if we gave them another chance to Bring Their Fame Back?

“Beat Me If You Can” is a primetime show that combines singing talent format and game show elements.

The teams can be made up of families, colleagues or friends.

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Maybe they suddenly realize they’re trying to marry a complete stranger on a nationally televised dating show. On the date, Caila tries to express something, but fails miserably.

Whatever the reason, this week, the ladies get uncomfortable, boring and sad. Date 1: But first, there are some emotions to unpack to give Hurricane Olivia time to reach full force. In the end, she says that she’s falling in love with Ben because she’s “being understood,” and we’re all very happy for her because not a single person watching the show had a clue what she was trying to say.

At least it foregrounded a gay man trying to find love, instead of using gay men as humorous accessories—or potential roadblocks in the path of straight contestants.

It's 1997, and Jenny Mc Carthy appears behind a crowd of several dozen men in an MTV studio, wearing a tan lace-up shirt and grabbing her own ass. To understand dating-as-sport TV, we have to start with the date itself.

The first round eliminated large swaths of contestants based on a questionnaire they filled out before appearing on-screen; men could be removed because of their "package size," and women could be banished due to the size of their breasts.

Jenny casually gyrates on a guy wearing a straw hat, while a woman in a masquerade mask is paraded in front of the group by a man in a Cupid costume, complete with saggy white briefs. When it premiered in 1995, it was nothing like any show that had preceded it. The setup was simple, but seemingly supersized: 50 men compete for a chance to go on a date with one woman, and 50 women compete for a date with one man.Two-one-ones are the ultimate showdown: our Mozart vs. Ben and Lauren B start to hit it off, and it’s the last straw for Leah.Fifteen years ago, that was a question that had zero cultural significance.A two-on-one date is the Bachelor Nation’s Super Bowl. Date 2: The group date is a big downer, despite there being a herd of swimming pigs involved.Lest we forget Season 19, when Chris Soules sent both aspiring Kardashian Ashley I and “panic attack”-prone Kelsey home during their two-on-one in the desert/the surface of Mars. But really when you think about it, what are swimming pigs, anyway, beyond the initial shock value?Now you can’t watch a single dating show without hearing it come out of the mouth of someone who's had too much red wine.

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