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You can see how fast howlthemes loads, its because we are using W3 Total Cache and off course Nginx server provided by Digital Ocean. To improve its performance we can add caching rules on various elements of the website and at the server level.The most easiest way to add caching to Word Press is by using plugins, and one of the most popular is W3 Total Cache, this plugin guarantee to at least 10x improvement in overall site performance.A string or a function returning string specifying delete confirmation message to be displayed to the user.

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This problem has probably existed for a few weeks now, but the project had become stable to the point where I was not adding or removing files.

Last week, I tried to add a custom linker file (.ld) to the project, so I could relocate memory sections to make room for a bootloader. I added a file to the project folder (where all the source files are located), and then right clicked on the "Linker Files" folder in MPLAB X, clicked on "Add Existing Item", selected my linker file, and went to build.

To deal with the scenario where the row data is changed without the grid been aware, the grid provides the following methods: Each parameter is optional.

The simplest is to call with no parameters which will refresh all cells using change detection (change detection means it will only refresh cells who's values have changed).

I had to add / remove / shuffle some .h and .c / files around today, and I noticed that the makefile wasn't getting updated with changes.

I would remove a file from the project (still leave it on disk) that should have broken the build, but the project would still build. Deleting it from the makefile would result in a broken build (as expected).

In other words, if you create a new blank document, then choose Break on the Insert menu and select a Next Page Section Break, the document will thereafter consist of two sections: Material from the start of the document up through and including the break represents Section 1. (In some cases, Word inserts Section Breaks automatically, such as when you change the number of columns in part of a document.).

Page numbers are usually a section property, not a document property.

A page's number is determined by only two factors: page 5, the first page of that section will be page 5, the second page will be page 6, the third page will be page 7, and so on. The number never appears unless you tell Word to display it.

Just because a page has a number doesn't mean the number will appear somewhere on the page.

So, for the moment, forget everything you've learned or think you know about page numbers. First some background, consisting of four big ideas: A new blank document consists of a single section.

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