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When people ask Lauren Kay ’11 what she studied at Brown, she says she studied love.

They might drive you crazy or disagree on the best place to get pizza, but the one thing you can always count on is that they will never be boring.

Sunday brunch is the new church, especially in New York City. But you shouldn’t get too excited, because it’s still NYC.

Christmas time in the city can seriously feel like living in a giant snow globe sometimes and it’s a magical time to share with someone you love. And then you’ll trade stories about the tickets you got and detours you had to make because of the filming crews.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be going anywhere near Rockefeller Center. Even if a guy swears he doesn’t watch, he’ll still totally end up watching if you have it on to be able to comment on how that is so nothing like Brooklyn but that –that! New Yorkers are interesting creatures, that’s for sure.

We met up at a bar in Brooklyn known for its extensive craft beer list and a propensity for dim lighting.

Throughout the course of the date, conversation settled on our current employment situations where we subsequently found out that our occupations and skill sets were very similar. It was, “If you want, I could probably get you an interview at my company.” I guess sometimes it is okay to mix business and pleasure?

As a video producer and interviewee in the Snippies Online Dating Horror Stories, I can tell you that there was much more to my story than what made final cut.

So, here are the full gory details of one of my more noteworthy New York City dating escapades.

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