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By 1852 South Australian colonists had settled in Port Augusta and the town soon became a thriving commercial centre and port, serving the needs of pastoralists in the truly vast hinterlands to the north.

We share the births of our sons and the deaths of our fathers.

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At the time such expeditions were mounted with the view of discovering a large navigable river or vast inland sea. The legendary inland sea did in fact once exist, but basically Flinders was 120 million years too late.

Having discovered no supplies of fresh water in the Port Augusta area Flinders then departed to complete his epic circumnavigation of the Australian continent.

The town itself serves the local wheat farming community and a significant fishing industry specialising in Crayfish (Lobsters), Abalone and shark.

During school holidays it is a favored holiday destination for South Australian families.In fact the banded appearance is due to oils given off by kelp growing within the bay.Flinder's mistaken belief that a river flowed into the bay prompted later Australian explorers such as Mitchell and Edward John Eyre to speculate that a great river flowed from the Great Dividing Range to the South West across fully half of the Australian continent, before finally entering the sea in the vicinity of Streaky Bay. För dig som älskar sex i alla dess former, för dig som verkligen vågar ta steget att träffa knullkontakter från nätet.Vi har funnits i många år nu, och i vår databas av kåta tjejer och killar hittar du garanterat någon i din smak.In fact, you don't even have to be a professional hacker to get into someone's Facebook account.

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