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I'm guessing that Fred is some kid's TV show or something which could only explain how this got made into a movie.

Lucas Cruikshank has officially debuted his boyfriend Matthew Fawcus on his You Tube channel with the Boyfriend Tag. ” read one commenter, who clearly missed his coming out video. They reveal that they are currently in Australia, and Matthew is taking Lucas to visit his family.

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See full summary » It's a brand new life for Cory Baxter as well as his father Victor Baxter (from their predecessor series That's So Raven) as the father-and-son duo move from San Francisco, California to ...

See full summary » Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, i Carly, Carly and sidekick Sam's regular Web casts ultimately feature everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving.

Despite most fans already knowing their relationship status, many fans were still in shock. “I was in the States two and a half years ago, I was at a club, and Lucas was there underage,” Matthew says. “Taylor Swift was playing on the radio.” Matthew’s first impression of Lucas was just looking at him from afar in the club.

They end up agreeing that they saw each other from afar at a club, and eventually added each other on Facebook. But Lucas’ first impression of Matthew was when he looked through Matthew’s photos on Facebook and watched the Australian Taste Test video with Kingsley.

Fred is a six-year-old boy with a high-pitched voice, and has a dysfunctional home life and "anger management issues".

Cruikshank, a teenager from Columbus, Nebraska created the Fred video series for his channel on the video-sharing website You Tube, to center on the Fred character.

However, in August 2009, You Tube celebrities Ryan Higa's and Sean Fujiyoshi's channel, Nigahiga, overtook Fred as the most subscribed channel.

It was the third to reach 2 million, in September 2010, shortly after falling to third.

Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred aired on October 22, 2011, also on Nickelodeon.

In 2012 Fred: The Show aired, consisting of twenty 11-minute episodes, as well as a third movie.

This show is based around two children that dress up as superhero-themed people and go around creating havoc wherever they go, but in the end of some episodes, a resolution is reached, in ...

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