Devexpress gridview rowupdating error courtney cox dating

Please refer to the Validating Rows topic, for additional information.

Assume that a Grid View contains two columns: "Units In Stock" and "Units On Order".

i am using devexpress grid with edit functioality to update the records in the gridview the codeis being done in & c#but while clikcing the update after editing the records .

it just shoes the progressbar runnning and doesn't invokes the updating event ?

Please refer to the Internal Error Info Support topic, for additional information.

Note that the result of handling the Validate Row event can be overridden by handling the Invalid Row Exception event.

There could be an error on the serverside and the clientside is not updated since it's using a callback.

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I have been looking around and have found one blog that allows me to place an error message in red once it has filed validation by throwing a New Invalid Operation Exception.

I am using the row Updating method as described in the blog, but the exception forces my code to stop the code in visual studio (like you would at a break point) and displays the message.

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