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One "commandment" of BGA listed on the page is "Do not f***ing screenshot or share BGA content with anyone outside BGA".

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Members are kicked out for telling outsiders what happens in the group.

The BGA admin told she contacted each of the women in the photos and asked if she could send their photo to the men, with their names scrubbed out."We asked the girls in a 'booty' thread if they would give their permission for us send their butts to the blokes as proof we were in their side," she told she was one of the girls in the photos and she gave consent.

A nude or partially nude image taken of a person under the age of 18 years, for a sexual purpose, is considered Child Pornography.

Therefore, any person who comes into possession of nude or partially nude images of a person under the age of 18 years is in Possession of Child Pornography.

On the day of the course, parents are invited to return for the last fifteen minutes to review what the children have learned in the program.

All participants will receive a participant manual and wallet sized certificate card.program helps children and their families get ready for their child’s first steps towards independence and being without adult supervision.Courses are currently available in Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton and Ajax.This safety program is ideally suited for children aged 9-12 years old.Safety and accident prevention are the common theme throughout the program. Course content includes: program reaches children of all learning-types.Waterloo Regional Police in partnership with the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board are working proactively to raise awareness of laws pertaining to the possession and electronic distribution of sexually-explicit images of children and offer the following Tip Sheet below as a guide for parents and youth: If Student 2 shows the nude image to Student 3 or emails or by text attachment sends the nude image to Student 4, Student 2 has committed the offence of Distribute Child Pornography.

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