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Recently we’ve had to deal with an occurrence in the Tavern of inappropriate content which deeply concerned all of us in the Team and needs immediate addressing.

It’s important to note that I’m confident in my belief that this was no one’s fault other than the individual themselves; the Tavern Moderators have always done an incredible job.

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We are working on the finishing touches of our new word filtering system to be released in a future content update.

For chat, tells, and boot messages: 1) If a player says any one of the words on our insta-ban list, their account and device will be permanently banned.

If you continue to have difficulty, try emptying your browser's cache and reload the page. It keeps saying "Enter Room Name to Create" but when I try, it just says that that room isn't available or something...

I tried Kitty Rpg and Kitty Rpg2 but they didn't work either. I keep trying to play this game but I keep getting what the game is calling a "connection error".

They maintain the Secure Messaging Scorecard, which makes for worrying reading for fans of instant messaging.), photos that can be set to disappear after a certain amount of time (similar to Snapchat), a way to draw pictures together in real-time, a search function to help you find romantic restaurants and night-life destinations, shared to-do lists, a web app, and a calendar.

It’s already in use by more than two million couples worldwide, and with an average review of 4.5 stars on the Play Store, this is easily our most highly recommended app for you and your partner.Chat Chat is an online multiplayer game by Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV.It's a highly intricate simulation involving deep-level behavioral algorithms and calculus-based — wait, no it isn't! The wildest dream of every internet human has come true in this simple little game, giving you full permission to nap, purr, meow, and catch mice to your furry heart's content.Will save the devs a lot of time, I'm just worried it'll be like the other filter where you can't say "spoon" or anything. I activated Chat Filtering and sometimes I got my speech covered by asterisk, probably because of missing spaces between words (a random bug of swipe keyboard on android), that foolished filtering sistem in some way. I always figured I would never get banned because I mostly behave myself but I foresee a fire grate death followed by a eff word and an autoban coming my way Note to self.....behave!I hope content autocontrol will be implemented as an automatic alert system for an human to check, or my days on PL are approaching a bad end... ALS, Any chance of implementing this with a warning first for a week or two so we can have a chance to avoid unintentional or unwarranted mute/bans?That is not to say there’s detailed sexual acts occurring and being written about; simply that romance & sex are an acknowledged part of the game.

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