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Manato va rapidement tomber amoureux de Yui sans jamais pouvoir lui avouer ses sentiments puisque le remariage de leur parent en fait sa demi-sur.Yui de son cot, ignorante des sentiments de Manato, sattache lami de son frre Tetsuya (Kubozuka Yosuke) lui-mme ayant une relation secrte avec une de leur professeur.

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KAT-TUN performed their songs from 6 nin, 5 nin, 4 nin, and their new songs as 3 nin.

Not just the songs, they also showed the effects, the concept, the gimmicks, and the properties from their previous concerts. (so nostalgic T_T)There were many feelings while I watching this DVD.

The catalyst was the kiss scene that would become legendary in the industry.

They practiced the kiss close to ten times and the final reveal was a deep kiss that seem to stretch on forever.

News of a relationship to close out 2014 with a bang has been discovered.

KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya (28) and Fukada Kyouko (32) have started a relationship with their eyes set on marriage.For example, water and fire effects, big balloons, the ship stage, the lottery for posters and their antic when they announced the winners, the TEN-G, Doctor! From happy, excited, funny, nostalgic, sad, painful, enjoy, and many more.Usually when I watched KAT-TUN's DVD concerts, I only felt happy, excited, funny, and the other happy feelings, but this time was a little bit different, maybe because it was the last concert before they entered "recharging period".Finally, my copy came~I must wait a week a few days after the release date in Japan.Unlike my previous copies, this time the post man didn't bring the copy directly. DVD LE (as usual, I always bought LE version) because first I got tempted by the photo book and second we also got CD of KAT-TUN's 3-nin song "Brand New Stage".There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other.

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