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To As evinced by my use of a pseudonym, I didn’t want to be “the online dating guy.” I probably would have made more money if I had concentrated on that business, but my heart wasn’t in it.

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First things first – the Beta 21 movement is awesome.

While it is kind of a pain to actually maintain, it is a truly historical part of watchmaking that's also just flat out fun.

Quartz Week was not exactly well-received (who knew! One story I wrote was a list of the most collectible Beta 21 watches, and one of those watches was the Rolex reference 5100.

I was fortunate enough to see one in the metal recently at Christie's, as they have a white gold version coming up for auction in Geneva on Monday.

Geochronology plays the same role in geosciences research.

The optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating is one of the most intensively and commonly applied numerical dating techniques in determining the age of Late Quaternary sediments.

Given validation of any dating method by comparison with other methods is necessary, radiocarbon dating is carried out as independent age control whenever possible.

The research samples were collected from three different sedimentary archives, which are the Garding-2 core (240 m) drilled in the Eiderstedt Peninsula from the German North Sea coast, loess in central and western Qilian Shan in northwestern China and Huangqihai Lake from the East Asian monsoon marginal area in northern China.

I could have worked to make the numbers higher, but I didn’t. As you can see, it makes me very little these days.

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