dating and social networking in europe - Dating question can guy be too nice

For example, instead of asking a woman on a date, she would love to hear you take charge and say something like, “We should go out sometime.” Statements give you a higher probability of being accepted.

Not to be at the beck and call of your friends who expect you do 28 things at a time is a feeling we should all experience. During a very pivotal scene in “Good Will Hunting,” Dr.

This will eventually go south in one of two ways or both.

This is when the codependent guy cues the violin and tells everyone how he was used and "nice guys always finish last." As noted, it has to be about balance.

I love being nice and doing things for my fiancé and my future stepdaughters, but it is certainly not going to keep me from putting my kayaks in the water and catching some fish (or a good buzz...) I think the key in this situation is (as an individual) loving yourself as much as you love your partner.

Hey Guys, I was just curious about the term “nice.” Is it possible that girls can be too “nice” to actually be approached, or too “nice” to date and have a relationship with?

Are “nice” girls only marriage material and not girlfriend material?

I am 21 years old and will be a college senior this coming year.

I was hoping that college would be a time for me to be more social, find friends, maybe even have a boyfriend. Nothing has ever really worked out between me and a guy, not even close.However, my time is coming up as I have only one year left, and needless to say I have never had a boyfriend, or even a guy friend. I am not unattractive, I dress comfortably, I have a wide range of interests, I enjoy a good conversation, and I’ve traveled the world; yet I can be shy sometimes… For example I live in a house next to guys, and we didn’t really hang out with them.But sometimes we did, and it would be for hours, and we had a lot of fun.A little more about Dave: he is well off, takes care of Jill as a friend, and asks her to do fun things all the time..know...dates? I had a friend who is now married who suffered from the "nice guy syndrome".On one occasion, we were standing in the bar and he announced that he had to walk 5 blocks to the subway station to pick up his date and walk her to the bar.We were none too pleased with this: Maybe we are not old fashioned enough, but we figured if a girl makes it out of the New York subway, she should easily capable (and independent) enough to walk five blocks to a bar.

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