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Y&R has gone through several changes since the death of its beloved creator William J. His wife, Lee Phillip Bell was co-creator of both soaps Y&R and The Bold and the Beautiful – Lee Bell is 87 years old. The viewer could relate to each character and circumstance.

There was a reason Young and the Restless had seen so much success up until Bell’s death, he kept it real – well as real as you can keep a soap. Y&R always celebrates Holidays with the viewers giving the soap a very cozy family feeling.

| Photos from House of Blues Phelps' emotional announcement was made on the morning show's final day, which has been long-awaited since his co-host Mark Thompson, 56, announced his retirement in June. "I have a big fun playground - a podcast playground - that I want to go play on for a while." The forthcoming podcast will be with actress/comedian Jill Whelan.

She says he pulls in $126k a year and lives in the lap of luxury in a 10 bedroom mansion on 14 acres.

For her part, Jill just started a podcast but is not making any money.

Viewers were frustrated – at this point their soap was off the rails and Y&R was desperate to get back on track so the network hired the person much of Hollywood called the “Soap Killer,” Jill Farren Phelps.

Phelps did not have a good reputation with the actors or with saving soaps.

she's getting divorced and has no source of income to support herself.

Whelan, who also hilariously played the little girl with the IV tube in "Airplane!

“We’re the only media company that owns all of our IP, everywhere in the world, on every device.”As part of that IP spotlight, Discovery is reviving Cash Cab, which ran on the network from 2005 to 2012.

In this iteration, unsuspecting New York cab drivers will come into contact with celebrities.

TLC, which is up 20 percent in primetime, is bringing back Trading Spaces, the show’s most successful series ever, which “put property shows on the TV map,” said Nancy Daniels, president and general manager of TLC. And Science Channel is reviving Mythbusters, with new hosts Brian Louden and Jonathan Lung, who won Mythbusters: The Search last year.

year, “our best ever,” said Zaslav, who announced that Michael Phelps will help kick off the franchise on the first night, July 23.

The swimmer’s role is still unclear; Zaslav said only that he’ll be “aligning with the sharks.”After a couple of rough years, Discovery Communications has momentum at many of its networks. 1 channel for men 25-54 last year, had its highest ratings ever this quarter.

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