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The variables only gave my birthing story its own uniqueness and mystery.Once I found out I was pregnant I decided that I wanted nature to takes its course as much as possible. These are Shannon's words but provide one model for finding your own.

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There are many different regional versions of "Saman"Meuseukat"Meusekat" is almost the same as "Saman".

The only difference is that "Meusekat" is performed by women and originates in west and south Aceh.

Remember that scene from the first "Mighty Ducks" in which Coach Riley from the Hawks tells two of his guys to take out Adam Banks (the former Hawk who became a Duck through district re-alignment)?

I just thought about that right now as I'm wrapping up my day.

I’m not sure that our entire audience or our fan base actually sits at home and writes out songs like, ‘yes I’m a Tegan fan and I’m much more attracted to the way she writes’ but I think, certainly for the super fans, there’s a distinction between our writing. I mean we’re both writing from different places about different things and you know, we do our best to make it as cohesive as possible but it is two writers in one band.

So certainly we don’t take offence when people…like I remember when Ryan Adams called us to ask us to tour with him, he actually called.However, you can make your melt and pour soap irritating if you use the wrong colorants and fragrances.Look for soap that contains natural colorants and mild fragrance oils, or essential oils.Shannon's Intention: I think the most important thing to have in order to create a positive birthing experience is to believe that you have the ability to create your own experience, or at least co-create it.Belief in this personal creative power is essential and once you have it you can direct your intentions to any life experience.As we said before we had a great time talking to Tegan in London last Thursday.

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