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Meanwhile, Gemma holds a freedom party to celebrate her new life without men whilst Danielle sheds a few tears over receiving dubious tweets from other girls about Lockie.

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We’ll also see the return of some familiar faces on tonight’s show as Mario Falcone and ‘s Nathan and Cara make an appearance.

Finally, Courtney Green may have felt a little mugged off when Myles Barnett rejected her boyfriend proposal last week, but little does she know that Myles has something bigger up his sleeve.

T-Pain)Play on Apple Music - Heartbreak Heard Around the World (feat.

T-Pain)Play on Spotify - Heartbreak Heard Around the World (feat.

The morning after at Mario's birthday party pad it appears Ferne and Charlie have ended up in bed together again - despite their spectacular row.

Mario has secured a date with new girl Grace, but Lewis won't give up and leaves another bunch of flowers on her car, only to get caught red handed.Catch up with the gang as we follow all the excitement, drama and glamour of everyday life in the UK's most fashionable county.The eleventh series of the award-winning reality show continues.Not a lot to go on I know but It's driving me mental!!Whats the song called just before ferne rings people for gemmas blind date but after the Christina Perr I song when everyone's clapped ?T-Pain)Play on You Tube - Heartbreak Heard Around the World (feat.

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