Sexy girls on web cam - Required field validator not validating

I've encountered an issue with JIRA validator's not working properly - I have setup transitions that have a validator of 'Field Required' = 'Comment' for status changes.Pretty standard setup for defect status transitions.

required field validator not validating-66

I copied exactly your example on demo page of Rad Input validation do do further testing but with no results (I even stripped it down a basic 1 textbox 1 validator, I tryed with standard asp textboxes, I searched the web for 4 hours now finding all kind of answers even in this forum, all with no luck).

Things I can say in advance: - The script resources all loads correctly (checked both in Google Chrome developers console and Firefox Firebug consol.

Could someone explain to me how to get this to work properly?

I can't believe this could be working as designed?!

Any suggestions on how to make these required fields and prevent from going on to the cart on an i Phone/ipad?

This is the code I'm using within the product.phonecasetest.liquid file: I have the same issue and need help with this as well.

I've created a theme template called product.phonecasetest.liquid which contains a couple of customized fields to capture the font and monogram.

I used the required attribute and everything seems to work from a standard web browser but when accessing through an i Phone/ipad the data-error pops up but it still continues on to the cart.

For example, you can have a control with an entry selected, by default, that contains instructions to the user to select an item from the list.

The user must select an item from the control, but you do not want the user to select the item containing the instructions.

Sometimes, you will want to have an initial value that is not an empty string.

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