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The problem is getting worse, and I've chatted with many players who are now in the same boat, a large percentage of which are just legitimately great at the game.

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While Blizzard hasn't gone as far as to threaten bans for Overwatch players who use mouse and keyboards on consoles, director Jeff Kaplan has said that the company doesn't approve."The Overwatch team objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console," reads a new blog post."We have contacted both first-party console manufacturers and expressed our concern about the use of mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices."We have lobbied and will continue to lobby for first-party console manufacturers to either: Disallow mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices OR Openly and easily support mouse and keyboard for ALL players."I encourage you to reach out to the hardware manufacturers and express your concerns (but please do so in a productive and respectful way)."Using a mouse in first-person shooter games makes aiming much faster and more precise, especially when compared to a controller.

Unfortunately, however, these peripherals aren't officially supported on PS4 and Xbox One, so users gain an unfair advantage.

He also would not let me tell him what was going on. When I asked to talk to his boss he told me he was the boss. Customer service sucks and they should be shut down. Son only wanted it because it was a multiplayer game.

If anyone talks to this gentleman ask to speak with someone else. And if anyone that works for Xbox sees this let your boss know what kind of person he is. Contacted them for refund (my son played maybe 20 minutes of tutorial to make sure he wouldn't want to keep it) and they refused.

I know that Blizzard recently scrapped the Avoid Player option on PC, as it was being abused to simply avoid people who weren't neccessarily toxic.

This same problem has arisen on console via Xbox's Reputation system. I bought my son an Xbox One for Christmas, set him up an account and a few days later could not get on it.All my info got changed so we started him another account. I called and talked to a gentleman named Adel who was very condescending. When they did answer they told me I got scammed and someone had access to my card info. I didn't get scammed, they just don't want to give me my money back. It was advertised as a multiplayer game but once purchased we learned it wasn't yet.An increasing number of us have recieved enough blocks that we are now unable to use matchmaking at all. I hit lvl 200 pretty quickly, and was Top 10 for Gold Medals on Xbox.It became quite obvious that opposing players and groups would back out immediately upon joining some of my games.Told him you can only get one refund and he got it in the past on a game, didn't tell at that time it was a one time thing.

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