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The frantic Scottish kid made me rewind again and again.

While I agree that the "landlord" character could have been over the top, his reaction to Johnny flailing on the floor made me laugh out loud.

The boy gives a damn good blow job, that’s for sure.

But if he thought he would get away with some pole slobbing, he had another thing coming.

Krit Mc Clean, 21, screamed out for Donald Trump as he evaded cops and pranced around the top of the red bleachers above the TKTS booth in Times Square before leaping down to street level. He also blew kisses to the crowd and performed some sort of workout routine.

” Mc Clean — a Stuyvesant HS grad who has worked for Ford Models and appeared in magazines including GQ — also yelled, “I love fashion! ” He even dropped the names of two famous fashion photographers. He stripped again and dashed up the red stairs at West 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, all the while shouting obscenities, witnesses said.

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