Niagara region child immunization updating

Plus it is the law.” “It is a legal requirement in this province.Provides public health programs and services and the efficient response to the changing public health needs of Niagara's communities * Health protection, disease prevention, health promotion and injury prevention programs.

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School boards in Toronto, Ottawa, North Bay, Hamilton, Brampton and other communities have either sent warnings to parents about possible suspensions if updated immunization records were not provided, or moved with the local health unit to suspend students.

(Valentin Flauraud/Reuters) Thousands of Ontario students face suspensions from school because they haven't provided updated immunization records, but public health officials can't say exactly how many young people across the province are affected.

When unsafe levels are present, the beaches may be posted unsafe or closed. [More] Investigates complaints and suspected cases of food poisoning.

Inspects food premises such as restaurants and cafeterias.

Ontario parents who want their kids exempted from routine vaccinations may be forced to take a class in immunization facts before deciding, according to new legislation the provincial government is proposing.

On Thursday, Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins tabled a bill that would force parents who want to exempt their kids from vaccines – for non-medical reasons – to complete an “education session.” It’s the only way they can obtain the exemption.

Restaurant and food establisment inspection results Food Handler Certification ...

[More] All public pools, spas or splash pads must be inspected yearly.

Public pools and spas inspections results Concerns about water quality at public pools, spas and splash pads can be directed to 905-688- ...

Responsible for the collection, screening and maintenance of all immunization records for children in licensed day cares and area schools.

Reporter Paul Bliss begins by stating, documentation hasn’t been done.

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