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The woman’s tired eyes widen in a young face (up close, my God, is she sixteen?

), her lips part and the words tumble out: “Oh—I’m sorry.” Before I can reply, she slips away behind a green waste-management bin.

I had a chance to talk to Victoria recently and she gives us the low down on what she’s been up to and what more she expects to do in her career! Where did you grow up, what kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc. I had a giant forehead and I’m the same height I am now since the 6 grade.

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Welcome to my neighbourhood: a place of transition, a place of tension.

A place where distracted mothers occasionally are left smarting: At what point does someone begin to apologize for surviving? Children race to greet my girls with the news: “I saw a brown puppy!

Can we reconcile ourselves to it -- and to urban life in the era of what the architect Rem Koolhaas has called the generic city?

Times Square will turn 100 on April 8, at least if you count from the day when Mayor George Mc Clellan officially renamed the area immediately to the north of the splendid new limestone needle that housed the offices of The New York Times.

Victoria is a statuesque brown-haired beauty who recently took a year off from shooting porn.

But now she’s back and has some definite goals going forward. I was a kid who got made fun of a lot, I was an ugly duckling.Adaptacja noworodka zaczyna się z chwilą opuszczenia bezpiecznej macicy, która do tej pory była schronieniem dla dziecka.Zmiana środowiska z wodnego na lądowe wymaga przystosowania się dziecka.And surely there is no single place that demonstrates the renaissance of the old downtowns more impressively than Times Square itself, which passed through pornography and pathology to emerge, once again, as the capital of popular culture, with the nation's busiest Mc Donald's and the world's biggest Toys ''R'' Us and the corporate headquarters of Viacom and Reuters and Conde Nast.Today, as 50 years ago, the establishing shot of almost any coming-to-the-big-city movie is a pan along the wildly blinking canyon of Broadway. Knowing what Times Square was, can we accept the carnival of global marketing that it has become today?And all the commemorations will inevitably raise a single question: What are we to make of this Times Square in light of all the other Times Squares?

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