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Having a ...48, male, Chatham, Kentdivorced guy, single for about two years looking for friendship and hopefully more with the right person.

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In another tweet, he said: “One intercepted convo between two senior Kremlin guys talking about collusion w/Trump isn’t a big deal; a bunch of them = a very big deal.” Later, he added: “I’m confident that any serious investigation of #Trump Russia will find enough intel to end Trump’s admin and send people to jail.” It comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions agreed to step aside from all investigations of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The nation’s top law enforcement officer is alleged to have been twice in contact with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Mr Trump was in office but did not disclose it during his confirmation hearing in January.

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If you like to talk about your desires or just about your life, your trials or just after a great conversation by the fire or a movie so do I, love to hear from you. Much like the other larger cities in Australia, Brisbane is a busy and dynamic hub catering for both business and pleasure.

Indeed since bin Laden’s death, at least nine publicly known Islamist-inspired terror plots against the United States have been foiled, bringing the total number of foiled plots since 9/11 to at least 50.

Ultimately, none of the plots foiled since bin Laden’s death proved to be of the scale that many feared, with the vast majority of the plots lacking major international connections.

Mr Sessions has denied suggestions that he lied under oath and misled the Congress about his meetings with Mr Kislyak.

The Attorney General has come under fire amid reports of Moscow hacking into Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But the NSA doesn’t need a court order to spy on foreigners, from its heavily protected headquarters in Fort Meade, Md., it collects a mind-numbing amount of data from phones and the Internet.

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