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Danny quickly picked up the phone."Hello, Tanner residence! She was the best sister, and I know that you really loved her, but we'll never forget her." Jesse reassured. And be honest." Danny said with a baby-ish tone."No Daddy, I did not take DJ's sweater." Stephanie mocked. " Jesse suggested with a small grin."…yeah.." Danny replied quietly, then gulped."It's just not right, Jess, I feel like I really..her…but I just can't.. not after..." Danny said, obviously thinking."Hey it's alright Danny, we all miss her.

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Rebecca also had a relationship with an electronics engineer before she was contacted by the Assassins.

Some time after her own recruitment into the Order, Rebecca was responsible for the recruitment of Shaun Hastings.

Rebecca got huge popularity among models and started appearing on the front cover of various magazines.

She has appeared in almost every magazine cover like GQ, Sports Illustrated, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Allure.

Rebecca says to Clementine at one point that her father knew nothing about her, implying they argued frequently. At some point in their marriage, they went skiing together, though "it wasn't pretty." Rebecca was a member of Carver's group, along with Alvin, Luke, Nick, Pete, Carlos, Sarah, Nick's mother, and Reggie.

She used to make speaker announcements from Carver's office.What would happen if Jesse never fell in love with Becky, but Danny? There will only be one chapter, since this one is long. He sighed, everything was just so confusing now that Pam was gone. There was a moment of silence, until Jesse said, "But, if you really like Becky, I suggest you get to know her a little more, then you can maybe, if you want to, start, dating her.""I get it I get it." Danny said, with a smile."Thanks Jess." Danny thanked him, hugging him."No hugging." Jesse quickly said."Sorry, but thanks." Danny replied.This tall beauty was nicknamed ‘Jolly Blonde Giant’ in her teenage days because of her unusual height (5.11ft).

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