Hacked photos from adult dating sites - Office communicator presence not updating

Once the user downloaded the newer address book and updated his own contact card with the correct information, then everyone else saw the correct title.

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I tried duplicating this functionality on another box but the colored ball, or the band, never appears.

So I'm guessing that this user turned something on but I have no idea what.

The seamless communication is made possible by OCS storing user contact lists by unique-id instead of SIP address.

Here are some important points to consider however: July 2013 Update: see the blog post Anatomy of a SIP Domain Change ( for more information on this subject as it relates to Lync server.

To the left of each name now appears a colored ball; red, green or gray.

Hover the mouse over the name and the contact information pops up and has a similar colored band to the left of the picture which appears to indicate availability but it doesn't work based on what's on their calendars.

squares beside names) there are several possible issues: UPDATED January 18 2017 – If you have Mitel Mi Collab make sure you read items 1 & 5. I recently installed Mitel Mi Collab software had not noticed that the presence icons in Outlook had disappeared about the same time.

The solution is to set the Registry back to looking to Skype – Lync for information: ‘O’ = the number zero See THIS Microsoft article for more details.

Howdy, I’ve been busy with too many deployments and onsite support and when have time try to help out the Lync Community via Lync Tech Net forum.

While doing that I noticed how many open threads and questions are out there about integration problems between Lync client and Outlook 2010 / 2013 clients.

Lync client depend on the Exchange web services for the integration with Outlook and it will use the user’s SMTP domain to search for the DNS records for the Autodiscover and web services, so it will look for: https:///autodiscover/As well as your autodiscover SRV record (_autodiscover._tcp.smtpdomain) It is often that Lync client configuration status don’t shows the internal and external URL of the EWS and the EWS information shows “EWS Not Deployed”, and this causes some integration problems between Lync and Outlook like prompting for username and password, not populating your presence information from outlook calendar You can check the EWS status via registry key For Lync 2010 Client Locate HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\address\Autodiscovery For Lync 2013 Client Locate HKCU\Software\Microsoft\office.0\Lync\address\Autodiscovery Make sure the following enteris are correct External Availability Server Url Internal Availability Server Url External Ews Url Internal Ews Url External Oof Server Url Internal Oof Server Url If this key does not exist on your machine this mean Lync was unable to locate DNS records or SRV for the Autodisvoer services, so go ahead with checking your Exchange server side You will need to check 1.

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