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Separating near-identical twins was never going to be easy, but once you crunch the numbers the Skoda manages to pull out a slender lead.

The Toledo is every bit as spacious, solidly put together and easy to drive as the Rapid, but in S trim it feels like a budget car on the inside.

Mark Hales, 62, was pitting David Piper’s cherished Porsche 917 replica against a classic Ferrari belonging to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

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This was just to date the pregnancy, and to check that everything was going OK.

They measured the crown-to-rump (head to bottom) length (12mm) and from that guessed the length of the pregnancy so far (7 weeks, 3 days).

It's too expensive and it's range is too limited compared with say Teslas. Even with it, if you try to drive a long way, you will eventually need to stop to fill the teeny tank every hour or so until you have time for a full recharge.

You may like driving it but try living with it: it's a car that needs another car.

The crown-to-rump measurement was 44.1mm, so Splodge seems to be doubling in size approximately every two weeks.

A magazine journalist was facing financial ruin today after he blew up the engine of a £1.3 million Porsche during a road test.

This scan was done at the BUPA Dunedin hospital in Reading on Friday 27 August 1999, and its main purpose was to test the nuchal translucency of Splodge, which in turn gives an indication of the risk of it having Down's Syndrome. They couldn't take the measurement while Splodge was resting, so Susan had to get up and wiggle a bit in order to persuade Splodge to move.

This scan reckoned that Splodge was exactly 11 weeks old, which gives a due date only one day out from the first scan.

A three and a half star MG3, but no four and a half star Cayenne S Diesel...?! What is this weird bandwagon that motoring journalists always jump on when they chose the lower powered version of something as the pick of the range?

I've driven a Cayman with the same engine - yes it steered like a dream, but was totally gutless at normal engine speeds - you had to rev the absolute gonads of it to extract any decent performance.

"Splodge" matched the shapes we'd seen in books and magazines, and after our first ultrasound scans we saw no reason to change it.

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