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Before we get started, Ramona made Page Six today for having a major meltdown in the Hamptons. I covered this scene live but I can’t seem to find the darn post and I am delaying Big Brother to recap this in real time, so I have no more time to waste looking for it! The ladies bash Ramona for a bit and then, Sonja out of the blue claims both Dorinda and Ramona both wanted to do Tipsy Girl. Peter did reach out to Dorinda and Ramona and neither of them were dumb enough to do it.It seems she went off on some PR lady who dared to publicize Mario’s affairs a couple years back. All of the ladies except Ramona are meeting up in a trattoria in the Bronx version of Little Italy for lunch. Dorinda was still drunk from the night before when she came in and after a morning nip or six, she’s wasted very quickly.When Finn was a boy, the method would have been the electric chair.

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And Tinsley has clearly never been to the Bronx in her life.

Luann is embarrassed by Dorinda’s loud drunken behavior. But it ended with Dorinda standing by Sonja loudly proclaiming Sonja to be “the hostess with the mostest” and gesturing toward her chuckalina.

Carole and others were apologizing for their raucous behavior on the way out. Sonja makes a comment about sleeping with Tom and Luann walks out. Ramona is screaming from the moment she gets out of the car. I think she just needs to sow some wild oats first. Bethenny and Carole both feel like Tinsley is just used to being in abusive relationships and for now, that relationship is with Sonja.

A table of older gentleman tell Carole they didn’t mind a bit. Finally we get to Stratton and their rental lodge is stunning. Word on Mama Joyce’s streets is she has been doing exactly that with some boy toys. At dinner, after Bethenny kindly invites Luann to Mexico, Luann says that her feelings are hurt that the best room in the cabin was not saved for her because she just got married. You can’t be the arbiter of etiquette and launch into a haughty dressing down of the hostess demeaning the accommodations. At dinner, Sonja trashes Tinsley for living in her apartment and not looking for her own place and dating and basically everything about Tinsley seems to annoy Sonja. There is very little compassion at this table for Tinsley. Fortunately now I get to go back to my happy place.

“I spotted him across the way and was instantly smitten,” remembers Hillary.

“As silly as it sounds, it was honestly love at first sight. I assumed I was never going to see him again.”A couple of years went by—Hillary had traveled from Shanghai to Madrid, and then eventually landed in New York City.

Shortly thereafter, Cantello was told that Rosenthal’s Harvard Test of Inflected Acquisition revealed something remarkable: Small groups of children in each classroom were poised to “bloom” academically.

And indeed, over the next school year, the designated students at Spruce Elementary School in South San Francisco excelled, just as predicted.

The story has always been one of my favorites and I couldn't wait too see what they had done with it. Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow are great and Chris Cooper turns in a very subtle but powerful performance as Finn's guardian.

The film left me feeling good, what more could you ask for in a movie?

Beverly Cantello didn’t appreciate being misled — at least, not at first. Cantello was 23 years old and just starting out in her teaching career when a Harvard psychologist named Robert Rosenthal came to her elementary school.

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