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Of course, there’s a challenge here: he can’t make the portrait himself.

For this stage, Jens needs a partner-in-crime, someone to actually make the picture while he’s gazing up at some lens from a sidewalk in New York, Berlin, London or elsewhere.

What if the laptop, that familiar tool we use for just about everything, came to life?

The good news for mortgage originators is that as technology progresses, manual, outdated processes — like notarizations — take progressive steps forward too.

For several years, electronic notarizations (or e Notarizations) have been gaining traction across many industries — the mortgage industry included.

The computer malware named “Delilah” allows criminals to tap into users’ most sensitive information and capture photos of their lives—through the victims’ own computers.

Here’s how it works: the first contact happens unknowingly on adult and gaming websites, where the threat is unknowingly downloaded through malicious pop-ups and other methods.

This process uses video conferencing and electronic signatures to perform the notarization.

Recently, the National Notary Association (NNA) published a white paper focused on what mortgage professionals need to know about e Notarizations and webcam notarizations.Movies such as Toy Story show the idea’s cultural weight, and Greek mythology on humans being morphed into objects show its history.But in today’s day and age, technology can make fairy tales seem real.With big financial names like Freddie Mac and Quicken Loans showing public support for webcam notarizations, these remote official signings will undoubtedly continue to gain traction in the mortgage industry throughout 2017.The key to effective Niche Marketing is to know your audience, and more importantly, to target them specifically with your ads.While the effort might be immense, the idea behind the series is simple — and all the more beautiful for its simplicity.

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