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However, due to time constraints, he has since parted ways with the partner but is considering opening another gym in the future.

Plato suggested that state censors should expurgate the outlandish adventures of Odysseus, and all other poetry.) (Challenged as required reading at the high school in Grandville, Michigan in 2002 because the book is "full of racism, profanity, and foul language." Banned from the George County, Mississippi schools in 2002 because of profanity; racial slurs, profanity, violence, and does not represent traditional values; profane, violent, not traditional.

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’ And she said, ‘I think I’m seeing what you’re seeing.’” What they saw became the inspiration for Venosta’s next writing project. You’d walk through Chinatown and you’d see Chinese guys breakdancing.

The former dancer had already written two screenplays for “very serious dramas,” one of which earned him a Writer’s Guild of America fellowship. It was New York but it was also my particular eye for this kind of cultural phenomenon of the culture swapping.

Taimak’s first major break in acting came when he got the lead role in Berry Gordy’s , where he played Leroy Green, a Bruce Lee-inspired martial artist in search of “The Glow”.

Since The Last Dragon, Taimak has appeared in a number of TV roles and over a dozen plays.

Actor, martial artist and stuntman Taimak Guarriello (aka Taimak) at the Big Apple Convention in Manhattan. This photo may only be used if the photographer is properly credited.

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Taimak has appeared in a number of TV roles and music videos including the lead male in Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait Awhile” music video,and in Debbie Allen’s “Special Look” video.

He played a date rapist on an episode of the TV show A Different World.

The next thing Venosta knew, he was on a flight to Los Angeles to meet with Berry Gordy.

“It was interesting,” Venosta says of meeting the music legend whose name would eventually be attached to the title of the film.

You'll even learn more about his relationship with Denise Matthews (Vanity) and his other co-stars from The Last Dragon Taimak's life isn't all about Hollywood, though - it's a story that everyone can relate to.

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