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discovering “au septième” ‘au septième’ is an ideal location to explore the micro/macrocosmos, this little sanctuary provides a safe refuge for innumerable varieties of insects, amphibia, salamanders, hedgehogs, badgers & birds.

Wake up to the dawn chorus, watch the busy bees work their way through the meadow & hedgerows whilst the swallows wheel and dart overhead.

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Town in brittany predating stonehenge

Southern Burgundy is lovely, with rolling, verdant hills.

Many of the most famous vineyards are in the Cote d'Or wine region and visits to these vineyards are a real treat.

A visit to Brittany is not just about its cultural history, but also about the many picturesque villages, lively fishing ports, many special holiday events, traditional clothing, folk music, and local foods – all of which draw and reward its visitors. Its rocky coast is so heavily indented that its length, 1,790 miles/2,860 kms makes up one-third of France’s total coastline.

Occupying the peninsula that effectively separates the English Channel to the north from the Bay of Biscay to the south, Brittany has an area of 13,136 sq. Meanwhile, there are some 800 small islands lying off its coast.

I am happy to lend my telescope to anyone who wants to spend an evening/night appreciating the magnificent celestial display on view here throughout the year.

Having travelled extensively in and around Brittany I am happy to act as a private Tourist Guide and can accompany you on day trips to help you explore some of the hidden beauty of this region. discovering Langonnet and surrounds Langonnet (breton. Langoned) is a commune of almost 2000 inhabitants situated in the north west of the department of Morbihan on the borders of both Finistere & Cotes d’Armor.

Not forgetting the Carnac menhirs, which will take you to a trip back in time.

Brittany in a nutshell: more than 2,700 km of coastline and 2,900 historical monuments which make its heritage the second richest after Paris.

We promise – no need for a visa to enter this land of Celtic roots!

During our customized tours, we take you to breathtaking sceneries and invigorating gourmet experiences!

Our Brittany Tours can easily be combined with Normandy and Loire Valley Tours.

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