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That is only one of many definitions of a Mate in this case.A Soulmate can be a friend, a business partner, a roommate, a relative, a pet, etc.

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Burnett and Downey have been looking to launch a faith-focused digital venture for some time.

The digital multicast real estate available on broadcast TV stations around the country is a natural distribution outlet for an advertiser-friendly venture.

Mom.” Downey’s Light Workers Media production banner was acquired by MGM two years ago as part of its purchase of Mark Burnett’s One Three Media.

Burnett, who is married to Downey, is now president of MGM Television and Digital.

“This is the beginning of our new, multi-platform faith and family network, where the demand is greater than ever for family friendly entertainment,” Downey said. As we have already seen from the success of ‘The Bible’ series and our 20 million social followers this audience is looking for inspiring and uplifting programming that they can watch in a trusted and safe environment on any platform.” Burnett added that Light TV aims to become “an ideal platform to reach the enormously, underserved family audience.” MGM was an early entrant into the digital multicast channel arena with its 2008 launch of the This TV general entertainment outlet that has more than 130 affiliates.

Last year, MGM introduced the sci-fi channel Comet.

This is one of the most common topics Indigo Children ask me about.

It usually starts with an excited email or text stating they have found their Soulmate! First, let’s get clear on exactly what a Soulmate is.

My condolences are usually met with confusion, but, when the whole thing becomes a disaster, they turn to me for an explanation. If you dissect the word you get Soul (the spiritual being that is the eternal you) and Mate.

There is a general assumption that Mate refers to a romantic life partner.

Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread Light – knowledge, freedom and self-love – on earth. They are often attracted to spirituality and to therapeutic work of some kind.

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