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Every man has the right to feel confident, powerful and magnetic. I love helping good, successful men transform the way they experience dating & relationships.If you are a man who is deeply committed to getting the results he wants, find out if we’re a fit to work together.

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Imagine the feeling of winning tournament after tournament, winning the Superbowl, or leading your team to NBA championship after championship.

That feeling is not unlike the way you'll feel after you have been trained by an experienced coach.

I ask better questions before deciding if I would like to go on a date with someone, I feel more confident that I am putting my best foot forward when I go out on dates and I don't worry about not finding someone else if I go out with someone I ultimately decide not to see again. Learning how to issue spot has been empowering for me.

Walking away before investing time and feelings allows me the time to focus on finding someone that is right for me.

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Men's Workshop ~ How to Meet Women in Public Places (Day Game) This event is sold out.

I want to show you some of the most elegant, beautiful, mesmerizing, and excruciatingly painful morsels that I've come across during my last five years as an online dating consultant. Some of the messages are so comically bad that they actually border upon, dare I say, poetic. It's difficult to properly draw conclusions from these experiences, though. Are men more willing/shameless about sending sexual messages?

Like this one, which I'm lifting from a FOUR-STANZA love poem: For the sake of my work, I've had to try out literally hundreds of dating sites and apps. Other times, it makes me want to repeatedly bash my head against a wall. Maybe men are less at risk of having their sexuality exploited and therefore less aware of how threatening an overtly sexual/aggressive message can be perceived?

I am grateful for all of you--and of course Michelle too, for bringing us all together!!! ”“Michelle's Boot Camp program helped me to learn that the things that I need in a relationship are not insignificant and should not be dismissed in exchange for just having someone to date.

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