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This dating is supported by seeing the consistent use of the targumist of the final version of tannaitic Midrashim that were not edited until the late fourth century. There is good authority confirming that Aquilas translated the Bible into Greek about 130 CE. They ascribed their Aramaic version to him as well.

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– Når jeg så på telefonnummeret som meldingen kom fra så jeg jo at det var 12 sifre. Jeg synes det er utrolig frekt, siden det ser ut som om meldingen er rettet mot barn og unge, sier Morten (13).

– Han kom hjem og viste meg tekstmeldingen og sa at han hadde blitt forsøkt svindlet, sier mor til Morten Dahl Hoaas, Mona Dahl. Mona Dahl tok kontakt med politiet, men fikk opplyst at det vanskelig lar seg gjøre å spore nummeret meldingen kom fra.

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If Onkelos existed, aside from the unbelievable circumstance that both he and Aquilas underwent the same curious life experiences, there must have been some differences. Moreover, why is there no allusion to Onkelos in the Talmud, where the Targum is extolled?

If the Babylonian talmudic rabbis knew the author of the Targum, we would expect that Onkelos’ name should have been cited whenever the Targum is mentioned.

Onkelos is thus a Babylonian equivalent of the name Aquilas.

There are indicators that suggest, although admittedly they do not prove, that Targum Onkelos could not have been composed in the second century.

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