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Any customer who is not comfortable performing the recommended VBIOS update, may request a warranty cross-shipment* to exchange the product to EVGA for an updated replacement.

All graphics cards shipped from EVGA after 11/1/2016 will have the VBIOS update applied.

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While at first it seemed that the company-distributed, free-of-charge thermal pads (which EVGA stressed were optional in nature) would be enough to fix any and all issues, the company is also issuing a BIOS revision in a few days, which "adjusts the fan speed curve" to "ensure sufficient cooling of all components across all operating temperatures".

While this is sure to mar the company's sterling reputation, and users will probably have to deal with higher operating noise due to the cards' revised fan profiles with the upcoming BIOS update, the company must still be commended for tackling the issues with brevity and decisiveness.

Windows 10 comes with a powerful upgrade, with tons of features that were not available in its earlier variants.

However, the upgrades have not been without bugs which Microsoft has had a busy time fixing.

This update is not required and is preinstalled on all cards shipped from EVGA after 11/1/2016.

To check if your card has the Thermal pad kit and BIOS factory installed, please visit com/thermalmod.

Read the company's statement regarding these issues below: "Recently, it was reported from several sources, that the EVGA Ge Force GTX 1080 FTW PWM and memory temperature is running warmer than expected during Furmark (an extreme stress utility).

EVGA has investigated these reports and after extensive testing, below are our findings: Are joking?

To resolve this, EVGA will be offering a VBIOS update, which adjusts the fan-speed curve to ensure sufficient cooling of all components across all operating temperatures.

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