Anime fans can contact me at Anicom ( where my nickname is Chi Chi. Edit: Don't send your opinion anymore because there is an opinion to convince everyone to believe that she is a woman. (And one that walks on both sides of the track at that. Hey hey hey, I'm hot tonight Better look out when you ring the bell, 'Cause I'm coming' up fast like a bat outta hell Hey hey hey, I'm hot tonight When I get hot, you know what I like, I'm curled up like a snake and I am ready to fight Hey hey hey, I'm hot tonight I was flying high 'till you shot me down, Were you coming with me when I hit the ground? ******************************************************************************* 2 YAYO: ******************************************************************************* As many readers reported to me, Yayo is a drug.


Lowe’s and buying a chainsaw doesn’t automatically make you a lumberjack, neither does using a blogging tool for your church website automagically make your church website easy to understand and navigate.

As many of you know I’m a big advocate, in both word an deed, of using blogging systems as a poor-man’s content managlment system for church and charity websites.

You can add me if you want but send a little mail who you are, where you found my FAQ and things like that. ~Dem ******************************************************************************* Jacob Kriegisch's opinion: ******************************************************************************* I just wanted to say that Toni is indeed a woman. And so the dance with danger is your decision, But understand she's not quite like her vision, (ooh ah! She's on fire, and she burns through the night at the speed of light, She's on fire, With the heat of the beat right beneath her feet, She's on fire, and the name of the game is to fuel her flame, She's on fire fire fire fire fire! Hey hey hey, I'm hot tonight (I'm hot tonight) I'm hot tonight! This guide must not be added into a magazine, newsletters, etc.

My Microsoft Messenger Address is fa354230 [at] skynet [dot] be. [A] I just like that channel more and it's the shortest. Besides the voice and all of the other reasons you listed, the name Mary is also short for Marrill, a man's name. without the expressed written permission of the authors.

Finally, I use plugins called Referrer Karma and Bad Behaviour which help significantly by stopping bots from accessing your site to leave comment spam. * The American Foundation for the blind has written many times about how difficult Captchas make browsing for blind or partially sighted people and the W3C in a report on Captcha’s said: A common method of limiting access to services made available over the Web is visual verification of a bitmapped image.

Having implemented these techniques ensures that my site stays free of comment spam without having to moderate all comments and without having to implement CAPTCHAs. This presents a major problem to users who are blind, have low vision, or have a learning disability such as dyslexia.

Since the meta Weblog API does not allow me to specify if I want to be notified of comments, and there is not a default setting in the core of p Log, I wrote this plugin.

This plugin listen to the EVENT_POST_POST_ADD event, and adds an Article Notification to all new articles that do not already have notifications enabled.

Akismet is the default anti-spam plugin which comes with Word Press and it has saved me from literally hundreds of thousnads of comment spam messages (124,200 last time I looked).

A new version (Akismet 2.0) was released the same time as Word Press 2.1’s release so it’s release was kind of drowned out in the hoopla.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Table of Contents =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1- Introduction [A100] 2- FAQ [A200] 3- Information [A300] 3.1- Station Information [A301] 3.2- Toni, male or female [A302] 4- Dialogue Script and Songs [A400] 5- Miscellaneous [A500] 5.1- Song Lyrics [A501] 5.2- Reader Contributions [A502] 6- Loose Ends [A600] 6.1- Copyright [A601] 6.2- Contacting the Author [A602] 6.3- Environment Rant - Very Important for a FAQ this size [A603] 6.4- Version History [A604] 6.5- Credits [A605] 6.6- Info about the Author [A606] _______________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT --------- How to use the search string: Select the number next to the section title. After pressing Enter a second time, you'll end up in the right section. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1- Introduction [A100] =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Welcome to another one of my FAQ's. That is the reason why I opened the following section [A302]. ******************************************************************************* John Doe's opinion: ******************************************************************************* Toni is a female. You may not distribute it without my permission, even not by mail without crediting me.

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