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"It's talking about serial killers and the killing of racist people and the killing of pedophiles, and somehow the bottom line is magically apparent to Juggalos." The group began to outline this world on 1992's , the debut LP that introduced them to Detroit's underground rap community.By the time they brought the series to a shocking (even by their standards) close, Insane Clown Posse had become notorious around the country.

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Early man devised body-painting pigments, such as ochre, long before they started drawing on cave walls.

What we know from ancient Mesoamerican tribes is that early body painting was not just used to denote tribal identity, but was also used to break up the silhouette of the tribesmen’s bodies, thus camouflaging them in the dappled light of their forest homes.

You can use hypoallergenic baby wipes to prep children's faces.

Spiderman, princess, cat whiskers, rainbows, flowers, butterflies, and clown noses are popular designs that are accomplished with a few carefully placed strokes of the brush, using water-based face paint available at most party supply stores.

UCLA needed to bring the intensity against Arizona.

#Shut The Front Door DIY couldn't be complete without addressing the most numerous doors in your house: cabinet doors!

Musically, however, their greatest accomplishment is the so-called "first deck" of Joker's Card LPs, a seven-album cycle that introduces, plunges the depths of and ultimately reveals the secret behind a mythical allegory called the Dark Carnival.

"The Dark Carnival is our religion," Violent J tells , a box set compiling the entire deck.

Here are the 20 coolest face painted wrestlers of all time.

The KISS Demon was created with a licensing agreement with KISS the band.

Face painting was first used by warrior tribes who blackened their faces before going into battle.

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