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Therefore, only when there are bugs or issues should you update the firmware for your HDD, SSD, NAS, USB Flash drive, or other disks.

On the other hand, if your USB drive, or HDD, SSD, NAS is unreadable on Windows desktop or laptop, you may consider downloading a driver for it.

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Visit the validated site: OSToto, which offers firmware update and drivers download of no spyware, no virus, and no spam. Its Category are the collection of all firmware and drivers for not only HDD, SSD, NAS, USB Flash drive, but also other hardware devices, mobile phones, keyboard & mouse, network card and others.

Edit: I'm bumping this question because I can't seem to find any definitive answers on the net about this.

Two questions - Is this risky if it's done correctly?

Why is firmware easily found for my Seagate 1TB drive, but looking at download for my WD Blue, it shows no firmware updates available.

Just a note to everyone that bashes a post that uses the term SATA I and SATA II, saying there is no such thing and it's an erroneous term -- Western Digital uses it all over their site.

Unlike hardware driver update regularly on Windows, most hard drives do not need any firmware update.I've done a lot of different things with computers but have never updated firmware on a hard drive.Obviously there's more to risk than just updating the firmware of a cheap router.However, Googling 7200.11 SD1A had results from Jan 2009-Feb 2009 stating that this was the very version number that CAUSED the drives to brick.It's 3 years later and the drive still works despite the fact it's under the "affected firmware" and I'm hesitant to have him update to SD1A because I've seen no confirmation that SD1A works.So far the initial answer I got does seem like a good idea - don't flash unless I have to, so I'm thinking of accepting that answer, but I'm wondering if anyone has additional hard evidence to show that the "final" version of this firmware is safe to use. I know there was a huge debacle with the way Seagate handled the firmware updates for these drives, causing them to "brick".

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