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Manatees in a manatee mating ball corner female manatees in shallower water, where sex is easier. We have sex in beds because they’re the softest place in the house, located in a private room, and covered in washable sheets, precluding the hassle of having to spot-clean a post-coital sofa.And because sex usually happens in bed, sex usually happens at bedtime.

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This was the end result of Mike G’s artistic free reign, a parody of early 90’s late night sex chat hotlines mixed with Crazy Gideon’s outrageous commercials.

/PRNewswire/ -- Even though most couples are having regular sex long before marriage, wedding night sex still carries with it expectations for once-in-a-lifetime intimacy, says award-winning author and sexologist , Ph. And along with those high expectations, she points out, comes the very real possibility of major disappointment—particularly for couples who have drunk too much, slept too little and traveled great distances.

A former Grade 4 Maple Ridge teacher who used the school's phone to make late-night calls to sex chat lines, and used school computers to access porn, has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

Darren Lea Hankey also admitted to forging the school principal's signature on report cards and claiming sick leave four times to attend court hearings on a domestic abuse charge. An investigation was launched in 2013 after a female co-worker discovered her school laptop had been used to access swingers' websites.

And yet, it's become far more acceptable to have one night sex with strangers, as the Church's hold on behaviour has relaxed.

People have realized that there is nothing wrong with one night stands. And think about - why should it be wrong to enjoy sex outside of a relationship.

Much of the social pressure that maintained this rigid structure came from religious establishments.

People who had one night sex outside of relationships were made out to be immoral or even depraved.

A small 2005 study from University of South Carolina biologist Roberto Refinetti tracked the sex habits of a few dozen adults and found that the majority of trysts happened on the weekends and just before participants went to sleep, between 11 p.m. A larger 1982 study of married couples found that about two-thirds of participants’ sexual activity took place between 10 p.m. When asked to explain the logic of their sex schedules, 72 percent of Refinetti’s participants said they had sex when they did because it was when they and their partners were free, or because they happened to already be in bed.

Just 28 percent said they had sex when they did because they were feeling sexual.

That's why one night stands are far more common than ever before.

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