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Also do not expect many of the website links to work since this faq is very old. 1.12 How will OBD-II (on board diagnostics) respond to modifications? Nitrogen acts to buffer, or dampen the increased cylinder pressures helping to control the combustion process.

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Jesse Broadwater- but using a whole shoot thru cable system on a bow such as a Hoyt, requires some other changes sometimes, and other modifications, to make it work right… and not everybody wants to do that, or knows what to do…. Jesse Broadwater- other question up there on scope set up Jesse Broadwater- I use a CR scope, and for Redding and field, I use the frosted lens…. jason t -Thank you Hamdog -I hold a lot steadier with more weight on my bow but my bow arm really gets tired after about 6 ends I then the sight picture is not so steady.

Jesse Broadwater- so I found the arc tec rods in France this year at Nimes, and brought it home, and tried it…. jason t -I would like to know what your scope set-up is for the orange spots at the marked yardage championship in Redding. Jesse Broadwater- been using the 5 power feather vision lens, with homemade frosting paper…. I would assume that this is because I do not have enough holding weight.

First off, thanks to Jesse Broadwater, Greg Poole and Goldtip for making this chat happen!

We had a great time and Jesse has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share!

The ‘Bernina Express’ trains – at , , , , , , and – usually slow down to a speed of about 20 km/hour and may even stop on the viaduct so that passengers can admire its construction and take photographs.

There are usually 6 carriages with panoramic windows.

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1.14 I've heard about this Ken Woods guy, why does does he act the way he does? 2.0 Break Down -- Models and Generations & Analysis Accord Civics CRX del Sol Integra Legend NSX Prelude TL, RL, CL Vigor 3.0 Engines 3.0 Engine Basics 3.1 What engine oil should I use? 3.2 What's the difference between SOHC versus DOHC? Frank Lin ([email protected]) offers the following : Okay, basically there are three ways to improve an engine's performance.

1.15 Why do people get so excited about so-and-so's car is faster than someone else's car? - Mechanical efficiency - Volumetric efficiency - Thermo efficiency ME improvements - lighten/blance rotating engine assembly, increase maxium operating RPM, reduce driventrain less (lighter rims, tranny box improvement.) VE improvements - intake, header, exhaust, manifolds, head work, forced induction, cam profile/timing...

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