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She picked out the items that were later found in the car.

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He was so much admired by Mr and Mrs Nathan Monroe Flower of Theresa, that they gave his name to their distinguished son, Roswell Pettibone Flower born in Theresa August 8 1835 later New York state governor, millionaire and king of Wall Street.

When Governor Flower was born Reverend Mr Pettibone was located in Theresa.

CST on June 2, 2007 in the parking lot at a Target store at 97th and Quivira, behind the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas.

Police, other authorities and the national media launched an extensive publicity campaign and search for Smith.

As they do every year, the Smiths released a bundle of 18 blue balloons — Kelsey’s age when she died and her favorite color — as well as nine additional balloons marking the years she has been gone, the years she and her friends and family haven’t been able to experience with her. So the day and the four days after it now pass quietly, more endured than observed.

“Her birthday is still a happy time, a celebration,” said Greg Smith, sitting in his Overland Park living room on June 2 wearing a light blue T-shirt reading “Kelsey’s Army.” “June 2-6 was the time she was missing, and I don’t like those dates.

Said to have been built about 109 years ago by Theodore B Marvin this beautiful old house at 15 East Main Street, Canton, now owned by Mr and Mrs John W Earl is better known as the Barnes house. Not the least of this was the ownership in later years by Reverend Roswell Pettibone's granddaughters, Mrs George B Helme and Miss Clara B Pettibone.

Reverend Roswell Pettibone was an outstanding Presbyterian minister in northern New York over a century ago.

Today's edifice is the Flower Memorial church erected in 1879 to the memory of Nathan Monroe and Mary Ann Flower by their children.

In February 1836 the Watertown Presbyteryn united with the Black River Congregational association in founding the Black River Literary & Religious Institute in Watertown with Reverend Mr Pettibone an original trustee.

Surveillance video from Target showed Smith purchasing a present for her boyfriend to celebrate six months together.

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