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After time has passed, but don’t take too long so that she does not find a rebound boyfriend or she has started the process of moving on, start calling, texting or emailing her once in a while and make small talk so that she doesn’t completely forget about you.

If you know for example she had some issues at her job or a friend of hers was sick, you can use this as your excuse to communicate.

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Hermione elbowed Harry, who was slouched over the table; looking quite miserable."OW! "The twins couldn't catch the conversation; but it seemed that Harry told Hermione to go and deal with the Twins if she felt it was necessary, so Hermione strode over."Okay," Hermione began, rubbing the bridge of her nose. ""Miss Granger, you wound me so…""Here we are, concerned brothers, who, until recently; hadn't realised how mature our sister was getting.""And to our shock and surprise; we hear from Ron that she's got herself a boyfriend.""And we were sitting here, contemplating this change, when we were so rudely interrupted and accused of nefarious scheming.""Yes, yes yes." Hermione was not to be deterred. You're not going to go and prank Michael Corner, are you? Letting her have her relationship is an investment in our sister's wellbeing! "Well, Ron was…Ron, and I thought you would, you know, give Ginny and Michael trouble…""Oh, dear, sweet Hermione looking out for Ginny.

Don't you worry your genius little head; Fred and George are only here to support and guide our precious little sister…"##"So, what is this? ""But you know Ginny; you'd know how she wouldn't really like…" And realisation of the sheer brilliance of Fred and George's work washed over Harry. "We don't have to get our hands dirty pranking those who reveal their fancy for Ginny.

When you talk, pay attention to her and seem interested in what she has to say, put yourself in the back burner and let it be all about her.

This will also show her that you care about her and the things that are going on in her life.

" Harry asked, holding his hand over the lettering which proclaimed that the book he was holding was…"Fred and George's simple guide to dating our teenage sister." Declared the Terrible Twosome."What?! "I'm not interested in…""Look Harry; every male student is getting a copy; if you're going to do it, you're going to do it right! ""Everyone." The twins confirmed.##Harry was so bored; and…dare he even think it; he was considering opening Fred and George's guide up…Not that he was at all interested in actually using the information; but he did need some entertainment; and a work of Fred and George fit the bill…Opening the book up to a random page, Harry began to read. "But people who don't know Ginny would think it was the way to her heart…And…""And the termites come out of the woodwork…. She'll deal with them all herself.""That's the evilest thing I can imagine." Harry whispered, quite overcome with dramatics for the situation."Look, it's beginning…." Fred and George gestured over to Ginny, who looked quite confused as she flicked a pink rose petal off her top…Well, you can imagine how the morning continued.

" Fred said, looking quite intimidating; quite ignoring Harry's protestations that he wasn't going to do it at all, and that though Ginny was a great friend; there was absolutely nothing going on between them now or in the future. If you're a romantic at heart; you're in luck, because Ginny really loves flamboyant gestures. For example, charm the great hall to drop pink (her favourite colour) flower petals over her seat; she'll love you for it. Everyone who wanted to date Ginny will come out; emboldened with their new weapon; and since they know everyone else has the same tool; they know they'll have to strike fast.

Once you have that one foot in the door, suggest a meeting or wait for her to suggest for a meeting.

Canadian emo rockers, Simple Plan, brought their energetic, pumped up and occasionally ‘angsty’ sound to London’s Kentish Town Forum in front of a a sold out crowd as part of their ‘No Pads, No Helmets.. Loud guitar riffs, giant beach balls and smoke machines, all staples of a good punk rock show, were all prevalent as the now veterans of the punk pop scene delivered a set comprising of their debut studio album from start to finish.

‘The Worst Day Ever’ and ‘You Don’t Mean Anything’ followed as the band went through the track list.

The rendition of ‘Addicted’ one of their more famous tracks was followed by lead vocalist Pierre Bouvier delicately acknowledging the absence of bandmate David Desrosiers ("we still love him, he's still in the band") who is currently taking some time off to address issues around mental health.

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