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High-status costumes literally transformed homely men and made them more attractive to women than handsomer men in low-status costumes.

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During the term, students will learn to: 1) apply an ecological perspective to illness in foreign and domestic cultures; 2) derive useful practices and knowledge from non-Western societies and ethnic sub-cultures, and demonstrate how they could be adapted and utilized in mainstream Western healing; 3) describe the role of socio-cultural factors in the etiology, manifestation, and outcome of diseases cross-culturally; 4) analyze the strengths and weaknesses of non-Western methods of healing.

The course is part of the curriculum of the Consortium for Culture & Medicine, a joint program with Syracuse University, Upstate Medical University [SUNY], and Le Moyne College, and enrolls graduate and undergraduate students from all three institutions.

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Possible reasons for the results, researchers argued, include: unfavorable attitudes toward sex outside of committed relationships; risk of acquiring a negative reputation; failure for the hookup to transition to a romantic relationship; sexually unsatisfying hookups; and peer pressure or verbal coercion from partners to go further sexually than the women wanted.

As for the link between hookups and poor mental health, researchers suggested that depression may predict hookups.

In other words, young women who are already depressed may hook up as a way to cope with their negative emotions or feel better about themselves.

Researcher also emphasized their findings did not indicate these young women would remain depressed later in life.

the evolutionary-biological basis of sexual behavior; sexual behavior in other cultures; marriage and romantic love in historical and cross-cultural perspectives; sexuality on college campuses; sexual attractiveness; marital stability.

MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY This course utilizes an ecological, cross-cultural perspective.

We also analyze how a tribal society uses dreams to improve mental health and social relations; shamans and folk healers function as folk psychotherapists; confession is used in healing cross-culturally; hallucinogenic drugs function in healing and mysticism.

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