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Naturally, he blamed himself – a heartbreaker for Tatum."I told him it had nothing to do with him."Still, he must be fiercely proud of his son now – not least for his grass-roots attitude to work and life.

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This completes the set of chumhandles when added to GT, GG, and TG.

He uses the same color text that Davesprite uses, analogous to the fact that Jane and Jake use the same colors as Nannasprite and Jadesprite, respectively.

He discussed the pitfalls of beauty with Law - 20 years his senior - who says he has happily embraced getting older as people now focus on his acting rather than his looks.

“Jude said, ‘Don’t worry, they will be obsessed with it for a minute then they will forget about it’,” Booth revealed.

For an actor who didn't even start until he was 25, making his first appearance in a Ricky Martin video, he is ready to do due diligence to his craft.

"You just want to say words casually and not make it feel like words on a page," he says.He grew up alone in the single remaining penthouse apartment of a high-rise building in the now-flooded Houston, Texas.However, he is able to communicate with Jane and Jake (who are living around 4 centuries in the past) and establish Sburb connections with them by means of Trollian.Douglas Booth says he feared being handsome could hinder his career - and discussed its perils with Jude Law.The actor, 22, whose recent films include The Riot Club and Noah, plays a charming playboy in sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending.He also signed the book that he sent to Jane in orange pen.

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