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It’s quite another thing to unconditionally love someone who is tenderly affectionate (phileo) toward you. If that were the case, then why does God the Father, who is NOT a human, but a Spirit, phileo love Jesus His Son and us?

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Some of you made the mistake of buying your children toys for Christmas that had the ominous words on the box, “Some assembly required.” Of those who did that, a few--very few--read through the directions completely as instructed before you began to assemble the toy.

The rest of you thought, “I can figure this out,” and plunged in.

Numbers 30:3-16 talks about a transfer of authority from the father to the husband when a woman leaves her father's house and is united to her husband. I cannot tell you how many men I have counseled who are terrified to commit, worrying that as soon as they do, "something better will come walking around the corner." Selfishness is not what drives a biblical marriage, and therefore should not be what drives a biblical courtship.

The Song of Solomon showcases the meeting, courtship and marriage of a couple — always with marriage in view. Biblical courtship recognizes the general call to "do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves" (Philippians 2:3, NIV).

(Strive to keep these four types of love active in your marriage. ) A marriage relationship is built over a lifetime. He likewise commands all husbands to “..[agape] your wives AS CHRIST ALSO LOVED THE CHURCH AND GAVE HIMSELF FOR HER” (Ephesians ).

There are four kinds of “love” needed to make a marriage relationship complete. People make friends with others according to the kind of car they drive or what kind of clothes they wear, or their status in society.

Our counselors deal with spiritual values, then family background, finances, and other issues. In the ceremony planning, I want to know as much about the couple as possible.

Occasionally, it becomes clear during premarital counseling that a couple is not ready to marry. So once I receive a report on the couple from our volunteer premarital counselors, I set up a two-hour meeting with the bride and groom.

While on staff at Saddleback Church, I performed over 200 weddings.

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