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This latter is a crucial feature, as it means programmers can easily hire humans to interact with, test, and correct their chatbots.

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During a recent chat, Zo referred to the Qur'an as 'very violent' and even gave its opinion on Osama bin Laden's capture, despite the fact that it has been programmed to avoid discussing politics and religion.

Scroll down for video Zo is a chatbot that allows users to converse with a mechanical millennial over the messaging app Kik or through Facebook Messenger.

Writings about users ditching regular apps and spending most of their time on chat messengers, further intrigued me into the topic of artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Theodora, my colleague at Study Portals is also interested in this topic and shared some incredible inspirations.

“There's a huge volume of AI research being produced right now, with new techniques, datasets and results announced every month,” said See in an email to .

“Platforms [like Parl AI] offer a unified framework for researchers to easily develop, compare and replicate their experiments.” In a group interview, Antoine Bordes from Facebook’s AI research lab FAIR said that Parl AI was designed to create a missing link in the world of chatbots.In addition to wanting safe products, most people have a hard time selecting the right ones for their skin, she says. The startup Hello Ava actually began as a class project at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business last year.During this time, the team interviewed more than 300 women, but found that most were more interested in getting help with product selection than anything else — including being directed to “green” products.Using either SMS text messaging or Facebook Messenger, users answer 12 questions that are similar to those a dermatologist would ask during an in-person visit.In fact, they were written with help by dermatology resources from Mt. The questions allow the system to categorize the user as one of 30 different skin types in order to make very specific skin care recommendations.Hello Ava’s co-founder and CEO Siqi Mou, a former Bloomberg anchor who spent a lot of time doing television, says she came up with the idea for the company after agreeing to do a commercial for a skin care brand in Indonesia.

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